Participated at the 'SEMA SHOW 2015' in Las Vegas (USA)
2011.01 . Opened the Europe Branch office in Frankfurt (Germany); WINTECH EUROPE GMBH
2011.06 ¤ıParticipated at the 8th China Auto Accessories Trade Tair in Zhengzhou (CHINA)
2011.11 . Participated at the 'SEMA SHOW 2011' in Las Vegas (USA)
2010.01 ¤ı Designated as one of the representative export companies in Chungcheonbuk-do
2010.02 ¤ı Started publishing advertisment of our own brand, FEELM, LOVIEW, ENERV, etc
2010.03 ¤ı Degisnated as 'Management Innovation Business(MAIN BIZ)' (2010.03.23~2013.3.22)
2010.03 ¤ı Awarded the example of faithful taxpayer by the director of Daejeon regional tax office
2010.05 ¤ı Degisnated as a leader of the consortium project supported by Korean government - Development of functional UV Stablizer for solar films (2010.5~2011.6)
2010.06 ¤ı Extended the 4th production line
2010.06 ¤ı Obtained a certificate for DIN EN 12600 2B2, Safety Clear 4 mil
2010.09 ¤ı Participated at the 'AUTOMECHANICA 2010' in Frankfurt (Germany)
2010.10 ¤ı Moved into the new Sales Office in Anyang City
2010.11 ¤ı Registered the FEELM trademark at the Korean Intellectual Property Office
2010.11 ¤ı Participated at the 'SEMA SHOW 2010' in Las Vegas (USA)
2010.12 ¤ı Awarded 10 Million U.S.Dollar Export Tower by the KITA on 47th Trade Day ceremony.
2010.12 ¤ı Opened the China Branch office in Shenzhen (China); WINTECH CHINA CO., LTD
2009.02 ¤ı Opened the R & D Center with authorization from the Korea Industrial Technology Association
2009.05 ¤ı Opened the Asia Branch Office in Singagpore (Singagpore); Wintech Asia Pte. Ltd.
2009.08 ¤ı Entered European market under the program of the Overseas Private Consulting Program by the Small and medium Business Corporation
2009.10 ¤ı Participated at the 'Equip Auto 2009' in Paris (France)
2009.12 ¤ı Appointed as the Best Partner of Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
2008.09 ¤ı Extended the 3rd production line
2008.12 ¤ı Obtained the INNOBIZ Certificate
2008.12 ¤ı Obtained the IMS certificate (Information Management System)
2008.12 ¤ı Awarded the 5 Million U.S.Dollar Export Tower by the KITA on 45th Trade Day ceremony.
2007.05 ¤ı Splited the 2nd production line into two coating heads
2007.11 ¤ı Appointed as a Military Service Substitution Company
2006.12 ¤ı Awarded the Prize of Chairman of Small and Medium
2005.06 ¤ı Designated as one of the 'Clean Workplace'
2005.06 ¤ı Extended the 2nd production line
2005.08 ¤ı Opened the Sales Office in Seoul
2005.12 ¤ı Awarded the 3 Million U.S.Dollar Export Tower by the KITA on 42th Trade Day ceremony.
2004.03 ¤ı Obtained ISO 9001:2000 / KS A 9001:2001(DKQ-1209)
2004.06 ¤ı Obtained ISO 14001:1996 / KS A 14001:2001(KE-618)
2004.06¤ıOpened the America Branch Office in Los Angeles (USA); WINTECH AMERICA, INC.
2004.12¤ıAwarded the 1 Million U.S.Dollar Export Tower by the KITA on 41th Trade Day ceremony
2003.01¤ıJoined the Korea International Trade Association(KITA)
2002.04¤ıEstablished Wintech Co., Ltd and commenced factory operation in Eumseong-gun, Chungbuk
2002.11¤ıParticipated at the SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas (USA) - since then Wintech continues to participate at this fair every year