Wintech security films are a cost effective means through which you can protect both your windows and your assets. When properly installed, security films help reinforce the windows they are attached to and provide additional resistance against breakage from impact. In the case of glass breakage, the security film prevents dangerous flying shards from causing damage by holding the individual pieces together.

Aside from providing additional protection and shielding, our security films help deter smash and grab attacks by either delaying a would-be thief or by thwarting his efforts outright. Additionally, when installed in automotive windows, our security films can prove invaluable for the protection they provide against shattered glass in case of an accident. Due to their unmatched clarity, Wintech security films provide outstanding protection without obstructing your visibility.
2mil, 4mil, 7mil, 8mil, 12mil

Black : 5, 20, 35, 50
Silver 25
Green 50
Blue 60
Gold 50
Gold 50

AG Clear 4mil, 7mil